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Tips and Tricks for Your Custom Stamp

Posted by Ashley Adams on


Inking your stamp takes practice. Here are some tips to ensure you get a perfect stamped image.

Inking a Stamp that is Larger than your Ink Pad

Place the stamp on a flat surface and tap the ink pad repeatedly over its surface. Be gentle, though—too much pressure will result in uneven or blotchy images.

Inking a Stamp that is Smaller than your Ink Pad

To ink a small rubber stamp, gently tap the stamp onto the ink pad. Several light taps are better than pressing down hard on the stamp. This might risk over inking the stamp.

Inking a Stamp with Large Open Areas

If a large stamp has lots of open areas within the design, it is important not to get ink into those areas. The best way to ink this type of stamp is to take an ink pad and tap it around the lines of the stamp, avoiding the open areas. Angling the ink pad slightly will help to direct the ink so that it does not spill into any undesired areas. It is possible to clean the ink from the open areas using a cotton swab or corner of a cloth/paper towel.


After stamping your image, blot excess ink from the rubber on scrap paper. Then press a dampened paper towel onto the stamp to remove any remaining ink. To deep-clean your stamps, use a stamp cleaning solution or mild dish detergent and warm water.


  • Do not soak wooden stamps since this may damage the stamp.
  • Avoid any cleaning products that include alcohol, which can cause the rubber to dry out and can damage the stamp.


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